ARPA2 HandBookΒΆ

This document details how you can get up to pace with the ARPA2 projects, and how these hang together to form what we have come to call the InternetWide Architecture. The intention being, to give you an idea of practical steps to take, and their relation to other work in this large project.

The ARPA2 project is an umbrella for open source projects that implement the open source and open networking ideals of a secure, private and decentral Internet. In addition, most projects aim to be accessible to less technically inclined users, for example through hosting providers that can install the ARPA2 software stack.

To achieve its ideals of control by users over their online presence, the individual projects adhere to an integral design, known as the InternetWide Architecture. It derives its name from, the overall project frontal used to collect funds from which some vital ARPA2 projects are funded.

This is definately an ambitious project, not just for its goals but also for its size and intended impact. We are happy to see many people in the technical community to respond with great enthousiasm to our attempt at integrating the software that we all love to use, and to make it into a whole that is hopefully easy to install, but more importantly, that is simple enough to manage and use to be of value to everyday users who do not happen to have a technical background.

We integrate security and privacy as integral pieces of the design (the architect is indeed a cryptographer) but we never loose sight of practical usability of what this brings. So expect great assets like single-signon, realm-crossover and bring-your-own-identity... and to see it combined with users, groups, roles, aliases, pseudonymity.

There’s no reason we can’t have it all... all it takes is a concerted effort!